Repeated log ins, unusual credentials – we’ve got your back

With fraudulent activity on the rise we understand the need for peace of mind. That’s why UserReplay’s real-time analytics automatically identifies irregular trends and patterns related to fraud. With a range of integrations for alerting and triage, managers are alerted before impact to tackle the issue head on.

Be a success story

Proactive detection Detect and mitigate fraudulent transactions, before they impact the business.

Definitive proof Access to strong evidence to support litigation or resolve customer disputes.

Quantify the impact Enrich your data and reports by quantifying the true impact of online fraud.

Visualize customer issues Up to 10x faster resolution times

100% capture, there is no dispute

Protecting vendors and customers alike, our visual replays of journeys provides definitive evidence to disputes. They can also be used to support litigation and help prosecute fraudsters.

Taking your insights further

With our open data platform, you have the power to drive action from your insights. Improving design processes, establishing warning systems and recovering revenue is made easy. Beneficial across the business, UserReplay helps put Customer Experience at the heart of an organisation. – Identified and remunerated fraudulent activity


Support team was alerted to a user on site who ordered a 4 day stay at a New York hotel. They claimed the total price was $625 whereby the credit card was charged $1,250. Screenshots were use to support the claim.


With irregular patterns detected the team was able to interrogate the users excact session in UserReplay. With access to the replay and under lying code the team identified the user was altering pages using a Chrome development tool.


The team were not only able to recover revenue and resolve disputes but were also in a position to implment failsafes and events to detect similar activity in future to safeguard the business.

“Once you have the ability to extract the type of information UserReplay provides, you can’t live without it. You realize how much information you were missing before when you see the level of data presented to you. As many of our customer journeys are unique, it enables us to understand each scenario and address it accordingly.”

Brad Schneider, Director of Application Development The Container Store