Go above and beyond

With unique insight into the customer journey at your fingertips there is a wealth of optimization potential available. Call teams can benefit from real-time or retrospective customer engagement insights which are easily logged, identified and replayed by operators to enhance levels of service. Powerful integrations with CRM, chat and VoC (Voice of Customer) mean data is easily accessed and the complete view of the customer’s experience can be stitched together.

Be a success story

Reduce costs, save money on call handling, by delivering great customer service at the point of struggle

Increase resolution rates and service speed with accessible feedback loops, recovering transactions

Enhance the customer experience and leverage customer service to piece together the complete customer view

See through the customer's eyes and action solutions in real-time

Identify struggles to help in real time

Not all customers report issues, in fact the majority don’t. With the power to identify and alert on points of struggle, service teams are empowered to identify gaps. UserReplay’s ability to determine the exact nature of the problem helps create positive feedback loops which can be quantified to help lower customer services costs and increase customer retention.

Use the data that matters to improve capabilities

Whether you are utilising chat, Voice of Customer, call integrations or more, you can readily discover service opportunities with UserReplay. Monetization enables you to quantify the size of affected audiences, segment the costs and evaluate and diagnose experiences. This wealth of insight can then be tied in to feedback loops to deliver exceptional service and streamline business operations.

Rooms To Go – Detect Customer Struggle in real time to increase conversions


Required to align their strong brick and mortar presence to digital. The team are able to use a customer data model to capture and interpret user behaviour in real-time and at important journey points.


At the exact moment struggle is detected UserReplay elevates that journey point enabling Rooms To Go to engage the customer effectively and in real time with their live chat tool.


By tracking conversion and abandonment at a visitor level users can be re-engaged for action, improving conversions and retention. Cross departmental teams all become involved in Customer Experience.

“We can actually watch, validate and act on the customer interaction and behaviour in real-time.”

Mike Austin VP of eCommerce Technology at Rooms To Go