Discover, interrogate and resolve faster

Discover opportunities to improve business capabilities whilst delivering value to the customer. UserReplay’s adaptive machine learning not only finds issues, but provides logged information – including the underlying code – to aid the resolution of issues. Connectors and integrations all facilitate the accuracy, reliability and speed of resolution and prioritization queues.

Be a success story

Resolve issues faster and benefit from a 50-70% reduction in MTTR

Seamlessly integrate with business systems such as New Relic for your APM and service desk connectors

Extend and customise with our open data platform that gives you complete control of all your data

High information security for secure handling of PII data. ISO 27001 certified (registration number IS 662212)

Drive innovation and greater business efficiency

Utilize Customer Experience Analytics to its near limitless potential. Implement into UAT and production environments for release cycles to mitigate regressions. The open data platform unlocks the door for real-time feedback loops, triage and customisations into existing infrastructure.

Complete the view of the customer and connect business systems

By partnering with business-critical components such as New Relic, UserReplay communicates seamlessly with APM tools and other connectors such as service desks. Corroborating data, pinpointing performance improvements and aligning with external business departments is made simple.

SSFCU – Reduced time to resolution by 50%


Insight - Thanks to 100% capture and access to a wealth of historical data within UserReplay, the SSFCU team identified baselines of normal activity. As opposed to anecdotal evidence and missing pieces of a puzzle.


SSFCU utilize UserReplay's underlying technical data capture to provide continual feedback loops to ops teams. This mitigates the need, in most cases, for issue recreation, helps to avoid code regressions and improves productivity.


With the data available SSFCU are confidently able to make data-driven decisions illuminating previously unreported issues impacting their members.

“The ability to quickly look at issues and diagnose what’s going on, provide triage and analysis quickly, really enhances the other parts of our internal organisation.”

Julian Hall VP Enterprise Architecture and Application Development at SSFCU