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With a company name like UserReplay, you would think we would put ourselves squarely in the “session replay”market space.  However, although we do provide an outstanding session replay capability, we think this categorisation is too limiting. We leverage a whole host of other capabilities to deliver value to our customers:  machine learning, event based analytics and CX scoring to name but a few. Customer Experience Analytics for the Enterprise is a much better way of describing what we do.

UserReplay Machine Learning

The categorisation “session replay” puts an over-inflated emphasis on the value of session replay in isolation.  In fact, our belief is that organisations should be looking to minimise the user sessions that need to be replayed!

I recently heard a great quote from one of my esteemed colleagues -“session replay alone is not a high ROI activity”. I totally agree.  Although session replay can be a very valuable tool, it is most effective when applied to a highly focused and curated set of journeys.  I heard a story recently from a company who use one of the growing number of tools in this “session replay” space.  They effectively locked an analyst in a room for days on end doing session replay after session replay – and even then, they only came out of the exercise with a couple of minor insights.  Furthermore, they had no way of quantifying the potential impact these insights would have on their business.

How to Super-Charge Session Replay

So what is required to make session replay truly useful?  Most importantly, an analytics layer is required that allows fine grouping of customers into easily manageable micro-segments.  This layer needs to lead users down analysis paths that allow discovery of customers that are having sub-optimal experiences.  This analytics layer should be powered by “events” that provide a way of educating the software about the specific nuances and processes on the site. Taking this further, there should be the capability to uses machine learning techniques to help discover some of these micro-segments automatically.

It is only when you have discovered these micro-segments, that session replay really comes into its own, as a way of understanding the specific details about their experiences.  Once you have done this, you should be able to pivot back into the analytics layer to quantify how many customers are having a similar experience and to understand the potential revenue impact.

So, UserReplay provides great session replay – as our name suggests.  But it is only one part of a suite of capabilities that allow you to efficiently discover the most impactful customer experience issues on your site and prioritize improvements and optimizations accordingly.

Enterprise Standard CX Insights 

So, you have checked off session replay and analytics, powered by events and machine learning,  but what makes UserReplay enterprise class, leaving competitors firmly behind?

UserReplay records 100% of sessions, it has an open platform for ease of integration and provides the supporting replay request and response data. This means it’s value goes way beyond marketing. Multiple departments benefit from UserReplay including:  Marketing/UX, IT/Development, Web Ops/infrastructure, Fraud and Compliance and Customer Service. The recent case study from Market America talks about the shared insight and high value  gained with UserReplay.

The Key to Delighting Your Customers case study

To find out how UserReplay leaves the others behind and provides Enterprise Class Customer Experience Management get in touch or book a DEMO Now!

Darren Ward

Darren Ward