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One-point-two trillion dollars.

That may be the most jaw-dropping reason for any forward-looking CEO, CMO, CIO, or CDO – along with key members of their teams – to secure a place in an upcoming webinar presented by User Replay in collaboration with Forrester and Market America (Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 12:00 pm EST). The session will bring together top global experts in a visionary discussion of emerging strategies for “Building a Customer Insights Driven Business through Digital Intelligence.”

Digital Intelligence Webinar Highlights

Let’s not lose sight of that $1.2 trillion: that’s the amount that businesses driven by customer insights are projected to take from the coffers of competitors who remain mired in the old ways of thinking and doing, between now and 2020. How that will happen – and how businesses can capture their share of the revenue – will be one lesson learned from the webinar, but the full syllabus is equally impressive.

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During the program, participants will delve into topics such as how the use of digital intelligence gives companies the strategic edge that enables them to differentiate themselves, both in terms of their products and the customer experience they deliver – and why businesses that are driven by customer insights are always positioned to outpace those that don’t give this aspect the focus it deserves.

Balancing out some of the more abstract and academic concepts, however, the webinar also promises to stay grounded in real-world experiences and real-world solutions, in part through a detailed look at how Forrester and Market America drives every facet and function of its enterprise with customer insights.

Cutting-Edge Concepts and Internationally-Recognized Authorities

The presenters themselves provide a hint as to the depth and breadth participants can expect from what promises to be an intriguing session.

James McCormick, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms. He is an internationally acknowledged expert in such areas as digital intelligence and analytics, and CX optimization.

Michael Brady, CIO of Market America, has vast expertise in the design, implementation, and operation of sophisticated IT systems and applications, as well as in formulating IT strategy and policy to serve both current and future business needs.

Ellen M. Steinlauf, Corporate Market Development & Strategist for UserReplay and the firm’s head of corporate marketing, will moderate the webinar, bringing not only deep marketing knowledge to the program but also extensive executive experience in managing technology in the financial services industry.

In their respective segments, the presenters will discuss: how Forrester defines a customer-insights-driven business, and how digital intelligence supports that strategy; how Market America successfully applies digital intelligence tools to its businesses; and how User Replay fits into the overall digital intelligence architecture.

At the heart of the entire webinar is the shared understanding that digital intelligence has become much more than a useful tool in today’s digital ecosystem – it has become an imperative, a strategic capability that businesses need to fully master, rather than merely dabble in, as many still do.

To put that in perspective, as the webinar organizers point out, 73% of firms aspire to be data-driven, but only 29% have mastered turning the massive volume of data at hand into action. By contrast, a truly insights-driven business leverages data and analytics regularly and consistently in order to optimize both its products and the customer’s experience.

A Process, Not A Finished Product

One sure takeaway from the webinar will be the realization that ‘Building a Customer Insights Driven Business through Digital Intelligence’ is actually one building project that never really ends.

While the design, architecture, and construction of a viable and thriving customer-insights-driven-business are all important elements of the presentations, the need for both a system and a company mindset that not only allows for continuous improvement of digital intelligence but demands that it is always at the forefront.


The free webinar, which will begin at Noon Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, March 7, is being presented by UserReplay in collaboration with Forrester and Market America. Those interested in attending can reserve a seat by completing a simple registration form on the UserReplay’s website and locking in the time and date on their calendars. For those unable to attend the live presentation, the organizers are offering to send a recording of the event to interested parties who note their inability to attend on the registration form.

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