Fraud Mitigation

Automatically identify fraudulent activity, and document it for possible legal action.

It’s an unfortunate fact: where there is eCommerce, there is fraud. And web-related fraud has become an expensive problem. Fraudulent transactions include signatures such as repeated login attempts, unusual addresses, and order frequency – all of which can be readily identified.


UserReplay analytics provides a real-time dashboard to identify these and other common fraudulent patterns, and promptly alert managers when they happen. It’s an early warning system, allowing managers to intervene as needed; for example, ensuring valuable goods are not actually delivered to site visitors trying to defraud the on-line store.

Key Benefits

Detect and mitigate fraudulent transactions

Provide strong evidence to support litigation or resolve customer disputes

Quantify the impact of fraudulent transactions

Our visual replay of the customer journey provides evidence to support a refusal to pay unwarranted claims or deliver undeserved goods or services. It can also be used to support litigation and help in the prosecution of fraudsters.

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