When you have a responsibility to deliver and support online customer experiences, it’s important to discover the CX obstacles that hinder conversions and impact performance.

This becomes challenging when faced with conflicting information from multiple data points and IT systems.

You need a solution that unifies your view of Customer Experience and provides you with accurate data that correlates to specific issues.

Break the barriers to conversion

The only way to get the most accurate picture is to get the most complete view, from the perspective of a lost or disgruntled customer.

UserReplay brings that person and their CX data into the technical world. With 100% of the technical request and response data behind every journey, you will gain valuable insight into why issues occur and how to resolve them quickly.

From this, you can identify what is stopping this type of visitor from converting – using video replay, advanced alerts based on eventing, and our machine learning engine.

A unified view of CX

Gain a cross-functional understanding of all the online CX aspects that affect conversion, from UX to back-end functionality, to help prioritize the changes you make. These should be based on the monetary impact to the business – and you can use the technical data available to take action quickly.

With UserReplay’s Customer Experience Analytics platform, you can interrogate sessions to quickly identify customer obstacles and prioritize resolutions, based on projected revenue potential.

Fix conversion issues faster

50-70% reduction in MTTR

Highest value of any CEA tool

Save up to £3.1 million – first 30 days

Secure data protection

ISO 27001 certified

See across systems and services

APM integrations & open API

Integrates with business systems

Seamlessly correlate between the technical and user perspectives of every customer journey and feedback in real-time to help unify systems performance.

UserReplay aids resolution by integrating and aligning with APM tools like New Relic and business critical systems relating to Voice of Customer, Chat, and API configuration. This enables you to understand a CX obstacle and request a particular CX replay, based on an application performance alert. You have the complete flexibility to trigger actions based off specific criteria. For example, struggle can be detected at points of conversion and then relayed, in real-time, to your customer chat tool, preventing cart abandonments.

The combination of rich APM/technical data and CX replay enables faster root cause analysis, with fewer ‘re-creates’ – which reduces MTTR by as much as 70%. This is applicable at both pre-production and production stages making validation far easier and less time consuming. Bookmark and ticket with service desk systems such as Jira; to confidently implement fixes without regressions.

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